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I'm John Desborough - Chief Thinking Officer and Founder of a small consultancy. I've collected a number of exceptional individuals into a 'network' that builds quiz funnels to drive meaningful conversations with Typeform, create and manage autoresponders and help companies extract profit from their mailing lists. 

I started working with Typeform prior to the start of "life with COVID" to create remote assessments/health checks in the data quality and data governance maturity domains. I created over 40 assessment tools we used in multiple industries, including COVID symptom checker/tracker for schools as well as the data quality domain. 

Since 2020, I've worked with over 200 organizational clients, creating and implementing over 1,000 working typeforms and have been a Certified Typeform Agency Partner since 2021. I've been involved in the Typeform Community forum since its inception and, through the Community, have presented in multiple webinars on how to create and deploy Typeform solutions in organizations. 

Inside the Community, I've been repeatedly asked to turn my responses to questions related to making Typeform's logic rules work - among other things - into cheat sheets and templates. So that is part of what will found here - more will be added over time.