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5 Categories High Score Simple Tie-Breaker

Posted 10/14/2023

Lots of folks create Typeforms where they want to 'categorize' respondents, based on their responses, and present them with a unique ending based on the highest category score. Think of a personality quiz or an 'archetype' quiz. Figuring out how to do this in Typeform's logic rules was one of the first (and most difficult test for me at the time) projects where I created my own template that I could re-use every time I had to determine the highest scoring of 5 categories. 

In my cheat sheet, I show the set up and logic rules in that template so that you can simply copy them in a template of your own. The variables that I use for the category subtotals are identified (for you to create) and they are used in the logic rules, as you will see. I use a series of 5 'dummy questions' in the template to get values into those variables - all I do is replace those 5 questions with the number of questions I need in my quiz to create the scores for each category. Adding logic rules to those new questions puts the appropriate scores into the category subtotals for later evaluation. 

 This one has a simple tie-breaker question that can be used or replaced as you see fit. 

Get your copy here. 


My Typeform Cheat Sheet