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Multi-Select Multiple Choice Logic Rules

Posted 10/14/2023

How to ensure that you get the user to the ‘right questions’ when you have a multiple-selection Multiple Choice.

This Cheatsheet covers the basic logic structure you need to implement if you want to have the user select multiple options from a multiple choice AND ensure that you take them to the follow up questions associated with their choices.

In the Typeform Community, I see a lot of folks asking how to solve this problem when they first get started. So I put together this cheatsheet to show you how to do it.

I have included three different ‘scenarios’:

-          Each choice going to a single follow up question

-          Using Question Groups associated with the selections

-          A brief discussion on ‘nesting’ a multi-select multiple choice inside a question group that is already on a ‘multi-selection’ path


Get the cheat sheet here

My Typeform Cheet Sheet