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Registering Multiple Participants

Posted 10/23/2023

Registering multiple participants – a Cheat Sheet

One of the things that comes up in the Typeform Community and with many clients, is the ability to register multiple participants. Here are a couple use cases where this has come up in the recent past:

  • Recording the meal preferences of people attending a wedding
  • Registering a team and members in a sports league
  • Creating a team and recording the members for a ‘team event’ – like the Lawn Bowling Day we had recently with a client.

There are a number of ways that you can do this but this Cheat Sheet is going to outline two methods that relatively easy to use:

  • Method 1 – using a counter and question groups
  • Method 2 – using two typeforms – an entry form and then a ‘looping’ typeform to add additional users (infinitely if you want)


You’ll see the variables, logic rules, and questions that I created to make these examples. You can use the screenshots and create the details in your own typeforms – recreate these as templates that you can duplicate and put into use to address your own specific use case.

Get the cheat sheet here. 

My Cheat Sheet