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Getting 'more' out of your typeform's Insights

Posted 10/30/2023

Folks seem to wrestle with when they are looking at the ‘performance’ of their typeforms: “How should I analyze my results?”

You can ‘see’ and access some data/information about the results of your typeform but there are some limitations too. When you dive into the Results menu tab you can:

  • look at the Insights about your form,
  • see Summary details about each question and create a report for viewing online or printing out
  • look at the details of each response and download or delete all or some of them

One thing that is hard to do is to create 'snap shots' of the Insights - views and drop-offs at each question - on a periodic basis. How do you know if changes to the wording of a question reduces the drop-off rate over the time period since the update? Or on a month by month basis?

I've  put together a bit of a review of the tabs available under the Results menu and provided a little tip/technique I use to monitor the Insights to typeforms.  I've put the details in this Google Doc. You'll see the steps I take to set up the ability to track Insights data month over month.

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Just a thought. Hope you find it useful.