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Rewatch the workshop: How to fix form drop-offs and boost completion rates

Posted 12/17/2023

Dec 14th I hosted a workshop with the Typeform team where I presented tips on how to analyze drop-offs in order to improve form conversion.

Thanks to everyone who showed up on the day. For those of you who couldn't make it (or if you want to rewatch the session) here's the link to the Typeform Community post that has the replay and a bunch of useful resources already listed for you. If you want to watch it on Youtube here's the link.


Why? Cuz analyzing drop-off rates from your forms is something you need to do on a regular basis.  So What? So that you can improve completion rates, increase the number of leads you generate, etc. 

It's not rocket science to do this and is actually simple to put in place. 

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Create dynamic graphs from Typeform submissions into PDF files - the video

Posted 11/20/2023

It took me over two years to figure out how to create dynamic graphs based on data received from a typeform submission. Including bar graphs and radar charts. I had my 'eureka moment' this weekend and found the way to make this work. 

I recorded a short video on how to do this - you can watch it here - Creating dynamic graphs from typeform responses

Hope you like it!

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Be a better writer in 30 days!

Posted 11/7/2023

The more you write, the better you get. Like almost anything, practice makes you better.

There are two things we need to become better writers:

  • making writing a daily habit, and
  • something to write about.

To help you address both of these, we've got a "30-day Writing Challenge" for you: delivered by email with a topic/prompt to give you something to write about.

And it's free, until the end of December 2023. 

Check it out here!

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Outcome Quizzes and Using Tags - the video

Posted 11/6/2023

If we use a ‘scoring quiz’, we can create variables to act as tags and replace the values with the details we want to send to our CRM or ESP. But how can you do that using an Outcome quiz?

In the Outcome quiz, you can’t set up a variable and populate it with a value. BUT you can assign a tag to the results manually. Let’s examine this with an outcome quiz I created regarding the scenario “Is your website a lead generating machine?”.

I have three endings in this quiz. Each ending has a separate call to action:

  • A will offer the users the opportunity to get some help building out their typeforms
  • B offers the user to connect to a partner organization of mine to have a free analysis done on the website
  • C provides a cheat sheet of information and actions the user can take on their website (upgrades typically required before having the analysis done in B or getting a custom typeform built)

What I really want to do is ‘tag’ the respondents and get that information into my CRM/ESP for follow up sequences, contacting them, etc.

But how can I do this with the Outcome quiz results?

Here's a link to a quick video that will give you a walk through. 

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Turn your brain into an 'idea machine'

Posted 10/23/2023

It's a simple fact that the brain is like any other muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets.

The simple act of creating a list of 10 ideas every day (yup, that simple) has been proven to increase brain power and health.

​We've created a simple form-based tool to help you come up with and capture ideas. You can check it out here

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Typeform Community Workshop: Automatically turn quiz responses into personalized reports

Posted 10/14/2023

I ran a live workshop showing how to auto-generate and send PDF reports from typeform responses. We looked at how to use Typeform, Google Sheets/Docs/Slides, and Document Studio to automate PDF report creation and email distribution – without coding!

Highly suggest you access the recording via the Typeform Community post here - it has a list of and access to many of the supporting resources that I covered in the workshop. You can also find the workshop on Youtube here. 

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How to improve your lead capture forms

Posted 10/14/2023

In June of 2022 I was pleased to be part of a presentation on how to improve lead capture experiences using Typeform. It was a good set of presenters and panelists and was a fun part of the Lead Generation Essentials series that Typeform held. 

Here's a link to the Community post where you can watch the replay for this event - and also check out the other sessions in the series 

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Typeform "Workspace Invaders" Highlights Presentation at Typeform's Meaningful Conversations Webinar

Posted 10/14/2023

James from the Typeform Community started off the "Workspace Invaders" series by replaying a presentation I was asked to give during Typeform's Meaningful Conversations conference/webinar series. 

In this presentation I talked about how I went about creating a small online storefront totally in Typeform - one that sells tshirts with coffee-oriented quotes on them. 

Here's a link to the post in the Typeform Community where you can watch the presentation. 

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