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Creating Dynamic Graphs from your Typeform Responses - 2 years in the making!

Posted 11/20/2023

I’ve finally figured it out - it’s only taken me about two and a half years!

How to create a ‘radar’ chart in Google Sheets for a report - based on Typeform submission. Or any other graph that is.

Here’s the use case - or at least one of them:

You are using a scoring quiz to evaluate some aspect of the respondent and want to show a graph of the output. Say, 5 categories of an assessment or something similar.

You want to send them a customized document after they submit their data, complete with a graph of the results.

Here’s the toolset:

  • Typeform
  • Google Sheets
  • Document Studio (yeah that one again, lol)

If you don’t have Document Studio, I strongly recommend getting it as it will help generate a lot of customized reports from your Typeform data - pushed into a merge template, converted into PDF format and attached to an email.

Now I will be honest - I have not explored all the formatting options inside the Google Sheet charting options. BUT I wanted to get this wee bit of a note out to you folks while the seven other voices in my head are doing the happy dance.

In any event, let’s check it out.

I want to turn this input from my typeform:


into a PDF report with graphs that look like these:


That's a screenshot of the PDF file - a really simple example of a dynamic report - that shows a 'customized report' for the respondent complete with the two different graph types.

I can't believe it took me over two years to figure this out!

I've put all the steps into this Google Doc - saving screen real estate - for you.

There's also a video for this at this link

Check these out and let me know!

Hopefully you haven't been waiting for two years to figure this out....